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Uniex attracted 1,000,000 investments in a year

Uniex is a rapidly growing company. We are in work for over 1 year. During this period more than 170,000 partners have joined us and the number of investments has exceeded the volume of $ 1,000,000! Every day hundreds of miners choose profitable mining and join us. Over the long period of our ser...

Prize draw results! Uniex Birthday promotion is ended!

Hello, partners! Uniex's birthday celebration is over. We held a prize drawing among all who invested during the promotion and determined the winners. Users ERTERT*****, ISMAIL***** and MAX_RA***** have already received notifications by email about winning and have also received prizes on their b...

Who will win 1 BTC? 30 hours left!

A special offer from Uniex which allows you to buy power at a bargain price with a 15% discount and opens the opportunity to participate in a prize draw of 1.6 BTC is coming to an end. The less 30 hours left is your last opportunity to take part in the Uniex birthday celebration and compete for t...

Uniex is the 1st in profit growth

According to the information portal Cryptocompare Uniex became the leader in profit growth in the first quarter of 2020 among cloud mining services with an AA rating. In addition, we are among the best services for increasing the number of partners and increasing the mining farm hash rate. We ...

One year of work! Claim 1 BTC + 15% discount!

We did it! We are celebrating Uniex's birthday today! 365 days ago we launched our mining farm and became a reliable partner for 156,000 miners from all over the world. Everyone had the opportunity to earn up to 2,555% of their initial investment. Do not miss the opportunity to profitably invest ...

Cloud mining with Uniex is the only chance to earn in 2020

Bitcoin Halving 2020 took place. The expected growth of the rate did not happen, the price of 1 BTC remained at $ 9,000 and many miners left the market or switched to mining other coins increasing the network complexity of other coins and competition. Cryptocurrency mining has become very difficu...

Uniex 2.0: 100 days of flawless work

Hello, friends! We celebrate 100 days since the release of the updated version of Uniex today. We have become even better, more profitable and more reliable! For 353 days of our company’s work partners earned up to 2471% of profits. Less than two weeks are left until the celebration of anot...

100 days of Uniex 2.0! Income up to 700%! Get a 15% discount for power purchase!

Hello, friends! Almost 100 days ago we completed the global update of our mining farm which allowed each of you to earn up to 700% of your investment. We completely redesigned our site and created the most convenient and safe working conditions. Thanks to these changes mining with Uniex has becom...

The highest security level released on Uniex 2FA is available

Hello, partners! Some users are concerned that their passwords may not be reliable protection against hacking. We have received many letters in the mail with a request to ensure the maximum degree of protection for your assets. We are realizing that our partners earn a lot of money with us and fo...

Uniex provides more opportunities than mining pools!

Over the past few days the Ethereum network has been overloaded with a large number of transactions with small amounts. Because of this the network fee and the time required to process transactions have significantly increased. After analyzing of the problem it become known the main reason of the...


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