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100 days of Uniex 2.0! Income up to 700%! Get a 15% discount for power purchase!

Hello, friends! Almost 100 days ago we completed the global update of our mining farm which allowed each of you to earn up to 700% of your investment. We completely redesigned our site and created the most convenient and safe working conditions. Thanks to these changes mining with Uniex has becom...

The highest security level released on Uniex 2FA is available

Hello, partners! Some users are concerned that their passwords may not be reliable protection against hacking. We have received many letters in the mail with a request to ensure the maximum degree of protection for your assets. We are realizing that our partners earn a lot of money with us and fo...

Uniex provides more opportunities than mining pools!

Over the past few days the Ethereum network has been overloaded with a large number of transactions with small amounts. Because of this the network fee and the time required to process transactions have significantly increased. After analyzing of the problem it become known the main reason of the...

Get a 11% discount in honor of $ 500,000 attracted investments!

Hello, partners. In less than a year we managed to attract more than $ 500,000 investment in our mining farm. Such a volume allowed us to timely conduct a mining farm and website global update. Thanks to the changes you can receive the highest percentage of profit on the market - up to 7%! In ...

There is only one mining which is the best! This is Uniex!

Hello, partners! Uniex offers a fair distribution of mining reward for each miner. Thanks to this, each of you receives the maximum possible profit on the market. Such an impressive result of the work found a response not only among our partners who joined us but also among those who want to make...

New ASIC miners are already launched. Look how we did it!

The long-awaited video from our mining farm with the installation of new equipment is already on our YouTube channel: We recommend to see it for everyone who is interested in how the power you bought brings you profit. As we promised, we have prepared an overview of t...

110,000 miners have chosen Uniex! Are you among them?

Already more than 110,000 partners have appreciated the possibility of obtaining a fair profit and are successfully earning with Uniex. Each of our partners could receive income up to 2296% in 328 days. This was made possible thanks to the fair profit sharing system that Uniex offers. We give our...

Update completed. Broadcast is available again!

Hello, friends! We are pleased to share important news with you. A few days ago we started connecting the purchased equipment. Now we are ready to say that the update of our mining farm is 90% complete. The broadcast is available again in 24/7 mode. Come and see how the equipment mines cryptocurr...

Uniex: adding of new ASIC miners and increasing of mining farm hashrate

Hey, guys. Do you know what is stored in these boxes? New ASIC miners are there. They are waiting in the wings to increase the hashrate of our mining farm and leave competitors far behind. We already unpacked the boxes delivered to us and began to assemble the stands. This means that in the comin...

Uniex is the most profitable cloud mining

Are you still not mining cryptocurrency with Uniex? In vain, because we are the most profitable cloud mining service. We conquered the mining market without arranging the large-scale advertising or promises unattainable heights to our partners. We were open for every miner from the first day and ...


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100 days

of uniex 2.0

Income up to 700%

Use the special offer held to this date and get a 15% discount for power purchase

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