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Telegram channel

Hey guys, did someone see our Telegram channel? While we are looking for him we suggest you subscribe to our new channel The most current news are there. Subscribe and invite friends.

Global update review by Rose Thomas

Hello, friends. We have prepared a short review in which we will tell you about the global update of our mining farm. We visited our mining farm and invited our PR manager Rose Thomas to talk about how the update went and what new was added in it. Link to video Uniex...

Uniex 2.0 — the future of mining belongs to us! Are you already with us?

We are glad that you highly appreciated our new website design and marketing. We did a tremendous job to create Uniex 2.0 and provide you with convenient and profitable conditions for earning. The changes affected almost every aspect of the work so it was very important for us to get feedback fro...

Global mining farm update completed

Dear users, we have completed the global update of our mining farm and website. The site has become more convenient to use now. We have added a number of new features that will facilitate your work with the site: - We have completely updated our equipment. In the current situation, the old equ...

200 days of work

Dear users, Uniex mining farm is working for 200 days. By this time we have prepared a number of changes for you. From today the opportunity to mine currencies using the Scrypt algorithm is available. In addition we have added a number of advertising banners that will help to more effectively att...

Equipment maintenance

Dear users, we draw your attention to the fact that in the near future we will carry out scheduled equipment maintenance. The broadcast will be unavailable for the duration of the maintenance. Estimated service time is 3 hours. Once the work is completed the broadcast will be available again. Dur...

100 days of work

Dear users, we are pleased to announce that our mining farm has been operating for 100 days. This is just the beginning of our mining farm. Join us right now! The average investment was $ 112 and the average percentage return was 0.6%. We also want to announce the sale of mining power on the Eth...

Uniex company launch

Uniex Company is announcing the launch of a mining center. Our crypto mining farm is equipped with modern equipment that provides us with efficient cryptocurrency mining. We use such mining algorithms as SHA-256, Scrypt, and ETHASH. You can easily obtain any of the 9 cryptocurrencies with the Uni...


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