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User agreement

Uniex company has developed a user agreement which describes the rights and obligations of the parties which are the members of this agreement: website administration and users of the website as well as the provisions on the basis of which the relationships between these parties are built.

General provisions

  • The user must be a person who has reached the age of majority, has accepted the terms of the user agreement and has been registered on the website.
  • If the user for some reason does not accept one or more terms of the user agreement, he should refuse to use the site.
  • By accepting the terms of the user agreement the user confirms his agreement with all clauses of the agreement and agrees to comply with his obligations specified in the agreement.
  • By accepting the terms of the user agreement, the user understands the degree of risk inherent in all investments and confirms that he makes a conscious step.
  • The user agreement comes into force from the moment the user visits the website.

Rights and obligations of the user

  • The user agrees to comply with all clauses of the user agreement without exception and periodically check this user agreement for changes in it.
  • The user has the right to receive additional information related to the operation of the site and contact the support service for this purpose.
  • The user can become a member of the Uniex referral program using his own unique referral link. This link is unique to each user but is not confidential information.
  • The user is prohibited from using the site and any of its materials to collect confidential information from other users of the site, attempts to crack the structural code of the site, insulting other users or representatives of the site administration.
  • It is forbidden to disseminate any information that may contain extremist materials, profanity, erotic materials, advertising of goods and services prohibited in the country, as well as information that could lead to incitement of ethnic or religious hatred, violates the honor and dignity of other people, regardless whether they are users of the site or not.
  • The user agrees to keep personal information such as username, password and email address confidential.
  • Each user has the right to create and manage only one account. The creation of several accounts, as well as their transfer to the ownership of third parties is prohibited.

Rights and obligations of the company

  • The company has the right to make changes to this user agreement without notifying users of the changes at any time.
  • The company reserves the right to unilaterally suspend user accounts that are observed in violation of one or more rules of the user agreement.
  • The company is committed to providing quality service to each user of the site.
  • The company is not responsible for the operation of the site in the event of unforeseen incidents such as natural disasters, military operations, epidemics, etc.


  • Any information published on the company site is posted for informational purposes and is not a call to action.
  • The company has implemented the highest level of data and user protection but the company is not responsible for the safety of users' funds and personal information.
  • The site administration is not responsible for the information that the user receives on the site, including lost profits and any other losses that the site user may suffer.
  • The site administration is not responsible for the information published on social networks and instant messengers owned by Uniex, as well as for information received during the email distribution from addresses belonging to the company.

Intellectual property protection

  • Any information published on the Uniex website is the intellectual property of the company.
  • Any use of the intellectual property of a company is possible only with the permission of the company.

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