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Uniex is the most profitable cloud mining

Are you still not mining cryptocurrency with Uniex? In vain, because we are the most profitable cloud mining service. We conquered the mining market without arranging the large-scale advertising or promises unattainable heights to our partners. We were open for every miner from the first day and ...

Major summer sale -15%! Get ready to catch a discount!

Hello, friends! We received a long-awaited order and are busy now unpacking the new ASIC miners Antminer S19 Pro! There was a free minute to share this news with you and we took advantage of it. In the next couple of days we will complete the total re-equipment of our mining farm and increase its...

Uniex - your reliable cryptocurrency cloud mining company

Hello, friends. Have you ever wondered how difficult the situation is in the mining market? We are living in a time of great change for cryptocurrencies when it is gradually entering the category of everyday currencies. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not need official recognition and any s...

300 days of perfect work! 12% off!

Hey, friends! Did you notice that we are working for 300 days? Each of our partners could get up to 2,100% of income! This significant date could not escape our attention. In honor of this event, we announce a special offer with a 12% discount on the purchase of power for any algorithm. Everythin...

Point treasury! Take your prize!

Hello, friends! Uniex does not stop opening new opportunities for its partners. In order to encourage our partners, we are launching a new unprecedented Points Treasury bonus program! Now you can get special Points points and win valuable prizes by buying mining power. In the Points Treasury bonu...

Mining farm expansion

Hi, friends! A couple of days ago we have received a new equipment that will increase our overall hash rate and allow us to offer you the best mining conditions on the market, overtaking all our competitors once more! We have already tested the equipment and are now working on its connection. Joi...

All Uniex partners are earning!

We did it again! The Uniex mining farm is operating for more than 35 days after the global upgrade and has alreay brought profit to each partner who joined us on the first day after the launch of Uniex 2.0. At the same time investors of the company received an income of up to 245%! We are pleased...

2000% profit celebration! GET a 11% discount!

The date of 300 days of our mining farm operation is approaching! We are working since July 2019 and help our partners earn money. That is why we are not proud of the term of work, but of its quality, because each of our partners already could to earn up to 2000% from the investment amount! Just ...

Uniex is among the TOP-8 of mining companies

Weiss analytic agency conducted a study on the market of mining companies as well as manufacturers of mining equipment. We proudly declare that Uniex has been provided with the "B" rating along with other leading companies in the world for its reliability. We are in the TOP-8 of the most reliable...

Uncontested leader? Obviously its Uniex!

Hello, friends. We are concerned about a couple of questions and we would like to hear sincere answers from you. Who do you trust in the mining market? How are you trying to earn cryptocurrency mining in 2020? We are sure that many of you will say that you earn money from mining at home trying to...


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